iDrumTune: Drum tuning, the easy way.

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Drum tuning is a difficult business. Luckily, iDrumTune takes the a lot of pain out of the process. Its three display modes give an overview of everything you need to know to master drum tuning.

Image: iDrum Tune AppPitch Tuning mode works in a very similar way to a guitar tuner, giving the closest absolute pitch which enables you to tune to the key of a song, or just check the intervals between your drums. Spectrum view is a little more detailed, and allows you to tune to higher overtones, with a full range view if what’s going on in the upper harmonics. Finally, the Science Of Tuning view is an informative text that gives you the knowledge to become an expert drum tuner – something that it not as easy as it looks!

A reliable digital technology for tuning drums has yet to be released, and iDrumTune looks like it could be the answer – It doesn’t replace the need to listen and think about the tuning, but can help get that perfect sound.

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