Native Instruments FM8: Skrillex Squeals to Eno Atmospherics

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Image: Native Instruments FM8 soft synth

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Like its predecessor the FM7, Native Instruments FM8 is loosely based on the famed DX7 Frequency Modulation synth from Yamaha. Although the original hardware synth was a complex beast to program, the sounds it was able to create were far-reaching and popular, enticing legendary artists from Brian Eno to Herbie Hancock.

Image: Native Instruments FM8 soft synth interfaceFar from a simple emulation, the FM8 has 32 basic waveform shapes, 64-note polyphony, Filters, Envelopes, 2 LFOs with varying waveforms, plus 12 effects that make the FM8 a complete production tool for both musicians and sound designers. Thanks to its complex digital harmonic additions, the softsynth can be used to synthesize your own “real world” instrument patches.

Image: Native Instruments FM8 matrixAn extensive modulation matrix allows the original waveform to be effected by endless routing options, all presented in a user-friendly way within the FM8 user interface. An effects plug-in version (FM8fx) can perform the same mind-bending tricks on any audio source fed into it, giving almost infinite possibilities for other-worldly sounds and FX.

The complexity of FM synthesis is made simple with the inclusion of 1200 presets – including a number of effect rack, sound morphing and arpeggio presets – and FM8′s Easy Edit page, which allows various parameters to be altered automatically and simultaneously.

Image: Native Instruments FM8 soft synth presetsTempo synchronisation, looping, 32-stage enveloping, sequencer and versatile arpeggiator allow for incredibly musical sound development programming, and the FM8′s velocity & aftertouch sensitivity make it an expressive instrument when linked to MIDI as a conventional sound module.

The simple interface and preset options mean that getting a useable sound is almost instant – and it’s almost impossible to make a bad sound with the algorithms involved. However, the modulation matrix gives access to infinite rerouting possibilities, making FM8 a powerful tool for serious electronic music producers and sound designers.

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