RjDj App – The soundtrack to your reality.

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Published on November 11, 2011 with 1 Comment

RjDj is quite a old app, but for us it still retains its “cool factor”. The app uses the iPhone’s microphone and speaker (or ideally hands free headphones & mic) to sample and effect the sounds around you. Wherever you go, whatever sounds you hear are instantly transformed.

According to RjDj “We don’t do apps. We craft sonic experiences!”, calling the trippy effect of their app “reactive music”. Everything you hear is just one step away from the real-world sounds going on around you, effected and looped by one of the three modes available within the app.

SoundTrips is the most interactive mode, where the sounds you hear (or create) are looped together into a bizarre soundscape; Moovz is a motion-controlled mode where the music created by the app is determined by the tilting and rocking the user makes with the handset itself; and Interactive is where you can hear (and obviously interact with) creations by some of the craziest musical thinkers around.

Described as being “like drugs, without the drugs”, there are a few videos kicking around YouTube to give an overview – but this app’s certainly one you should try out to get the full experience. Best of all – it’s completely free.

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