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  • Image: BOSS MDP Stompbox guitar pedals

    Multi-Dimensional Sounds from Boss MDP pedals

    Always at the forefront of the stompbox world of effects, BOSS have recently announced the release of three new “next generation” guitar pedals. All three pedals work on their new Multi-Dimensional Processing. The TE-2 Tera…

  • Image: Moog Sub Phatty BG

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    Moog Sub Phatty: The phattest family member

    Moog’s highly successful Phatty line now has a new member in the super low-end Sub Phatty synth. According to Moog’s president, Mike Adams, “We set out to design the grittiest Moog synth ever, one that still…

  • Image: Thermionic Culture Solo Vulture

    A cultured beast: Thermionic Solo Vulture rocks your live rig

    Now over a decade into their mission to convince producers of the wide-reaching benefits of high-end valve gear, Thermionic Culture’s latest release includes some interesting features for use in live bass, guitar, and keyboard/synth rigs.…

  • Image: Zoom Q2HD

    Zoom Q2HD: The all-in-one audiovisual studio.

    The Q2HD is technically a handheld camcorder, but with mid-side stereo condenser mic, analogue gain control, and 24bit/96KHz recording, the audio capabilities alone make it worth a look. The Q2HD can record video in full…

  • Image: Pioneer RMX-1000 Remix Station

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    RMX-1000 all-in-one remix station from Pioneer

    According to Pioneer, the RMX-1000 is an innovative technologically advanced device for enhancing DJ performances with its ability to create and add a variety of new and unique remix effects, as well as rhythmic sampling…

  • Image: Pioneer DJM-850 Mixer

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    Pioneer DJM 850 Performance DJ Mixer

    As of March 2012, Pioneer have yet again raised the bar with professional DJ mix controllers. The DJM-850 is positioned as an alternative to MIDI-controlled DJ software – for use by home and mobile DJs. Cleverly,…

  • Presonus Studio Live Digital Mixer

    Presonus StudioLive: Analog ease, digital power.

    With the dropping price and complexity of project studio setups, live recording is becoming more profitable – especially for the semi-pro level engineer. Many bands record their own demos, and even early releases, but the…

  • Image: Virus TI Snow

    Virus TI Snow: A Pocket-sized Storm

    Access Music’s Virus synth has an unmistakable sound. Versatile though it is, from cutting leads to staccato arps and smooth evolving pads, there is an indescribable quality that undeniably says “Virus”. The TI (Total Integration)…

  • BlackBox

    Dark Horse: Black Box Analog Design

    Black Box Analog Design are a relatively new-to-market company, currently with only one product available to the public. The Vacuum Tube Preamp has been designed from the ground up by the company’s two-man team, and…

  • Focusrite Control 2802

    Focusrite Control 2802: Analogue mixer/DAW controller

    Modern small-to-medium sized studios increasingly use simple analogue inputs (such a Focusrite 8Pre) in conjunction with a small, tactile DAW controller in place of the big analogue desks of old. Now with the control 2802,…