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  • Image: Reactable artist edition- Oliver Huntemann

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    Reactable artist edition: Oliver Huntemann

    The Reactable electronic instrument has been used live by top-flight artists including BJork, and their iOS app “Reactable mobile” has proved an extremely popular addition to the Reactable Systems arsenal. Reactable Artist Edition featuring the…

  • Image: Aphex Audio Xciter App Logo

    Aphex Xcite The Masses on iOS and Android

    I hope it’s a safe bet to assume that Electronic Musicians and producers are also audiophiles. With that in mind, I present the Audio Xciter app from Aphex. The app promises to provide your smartphone…

  • Moog Animoog for iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, iOS

    Doodle on the move with iPhone AniMoog

    In case you missed today’s Google Doodle – celebrating what would’ve been Bob Moog’s 78th Birthday – check out this video to hear some of the sounds it’s able to create. The complex doodle, apparently…