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  • Image: eMusic Advisor Loopmasters Top 100 DJ Signature Sounds

    Massive sounds from 100 Top Loopmaster DJs

    The Adam White-produced “Top 100 DJs Signature Sounds” is Loopmaster’s first volume of Native Instruments Massive Presets inspired by DJ Mag’s top 100 DJ artists. It’s essentially a bank of the sounds that have been…

  • image: eMusic Advisor Jackin House Essentials

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    Jackin House Essentials

    Loopmasters drop the funky sound of Jackin House with an extra special dose of bumpy beats and filtered riffs together with some seriously funky bass lines that can be used across multiple genres such as…

  • Image: Moog Sub Phatty BG

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    Moog Sub Phatty: The phattest family member

    Moog’s highly successful Phatty line now has a new member in the super low-end Sub Phatty synth. According to Moog’s president, Mike Adams, “We set out to design the grittiest Moog synth ever, one that still…

  • Image: Native Instruments FM8 soft synth

    Native Instruments FM8: Skrillex Squeals to Eno Atmospherics

    Like its predecessor the FM7, Native Instruments FM8 is loosely based on the famed DX7 Frequency Modulation synth from Yamaha. Although the original hardware synth was a complex beast to program, the sounds it was…

  • Image: Trafik presents Toolkit Elektronica Loopmasters pack

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    Loopmasters drop the Trafik Toolkit Elektronika pack

    English progressive house duo TRAFIK are one of Global Underground’s seminal artists, and have a unique sound developed from diverse influences in the worlds of dance, EDM, and rock music. Their style is underpinned by lush orchestral…

  • Image: Arturia Spark Vintage Drum Machine Hardware

    Beat this: Arturia Spark hardware and software drum machine.

    Arturia, creators of countless synth emulations and the incredible MiniBrute synth, have now entered the world of hardware drum machines. Arturia Spark is their first offering, currently on version 1.4.1. The hardware/software hybrid, touted as…

  • Image: Virus TI Snow

    Virus TI Snow: A Pocket-sized Storm

    Access Music’s Virus synth has an unmistakable sound. Versatile though it is, from cutting leads to staccato arps and smooth evolving pads, there is an indescribable quality that undeniably says “Virus”. The TI (Total Integration)…

  • Native Instruments Skanner XT

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    Skanner XT: Native Instruments Bring The Wobble

    I live on the test flight path of RAF Boulmer, which means we occasionally get low-flying fighter jets rumbling over the house. However, that thundering low-end pales in comparison to Native Instruments Skanner XT. Part sampler,…

  • KORG Legacy Collection

    Virtual meets vintage: Korg’s Legacy Collection

    Back in 2007, Korg’s snappily-named KLCAE07 (Korg Legacy Collection Analog Edition ’07) brought us the classic sounds of the MS-20, PolySix and Mono/Poly hardware synths, in one user-friendly softsynth package. The programmers aimed to recreate not just…

  • Moog Animoog for iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, iOS

    Doodle on the move with iPhone AniMoog

    In case you missed today’s Google Doodle – celebrating what would’ve been Bob Moog’s 78th Birthday – check out this video to hear some of the sounds it’s able to create. The complex doodle, apparently…