The kings of affordable studio monitors offer a 3-way design in the KRK RP10-3.

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Visit most project (or budget) studios and you’ll spot the familiar yellow-coned design of the popular KRK Rokits. Thus far these low-price, high-value monitors have been available in 5″, 6″, and 8″ nearfield designs.
Now, however, KRK are playing with the big boys, releasing the RP10-3 – a professional midfield monitor.

The 3-way design enables the most important part of the frequency spectrum to be reproduced by a separate midrange driver, resulting in clearer midrange response.
The Woofer and Midrange cones are constructed from solid glass aramid composite, making for excellent transient response and accurate vocal reproduction. A 1″ neodymium tweeter design utilizes a silk dome for detailed high frequency reproduction, using ferro-fluid to control distortion and heat dissipation.
A cunning rotatable MF/HF circular baffle enables the monitors to be positioned either vertically or horizontally, for great sound whichever way you choose to mount your speakers.

A number complex scientific principles have been used to design the radically curved front surfaces, apparently preventing the problems caused by diffraction as sound waves leaving the edge of the cabinet reflect back into the listening field, causing phase distortion.
Similar logic has been applied at the back of the cabinets, where the rear-firing ports used by many monitors have been removed in favour of front-firing slotted ports – which are also shaped to reduce port turbulence. This combination ensures clean and accurate bass performance without coupling issues, even at high volumes.

While the £800 price tag seems steep for the project studio market, it’s less than half the price of the nearest competitor, and dedicated balanced XLR, 1/4″ Line inputs, and unbalanced RCA inputs make these monitors useful in almost any studio.
So if you’re a serious home recording enthusiast looking for professional contoured bass response, these could be the speakers for you.

Just make sure your room acoustics can handle all that low-end!

Tech Specs:
System type:
Active Studio Monitor
10″ Aramid Glass Composite woofer
4″ Aramid Glass Composite Midrange
1″ soft dome tweeter
Frequency Response:
31Hz – 20kHz
Max Peak SPL:
113 dB
Amplifier Class:
Class A-B
Power Output:
High Frequency:
Low Frequency:
Input Impedance (Ohms):
10 K Ohm balanced
HF Level Adjust:
-2dB, -1dB, 0, +1dB
System Volume:
(-30dB – +6dB)
Input Connectors:
Unbalanced RCA
Balanced 1/4″ TRS
Balanced XLR
AC Power Input:
Selectable 110V-120V / 220V-240V (50Hz – 60Hz)
or 100V (50Hz – 60 Hz)
Enclosure Construction:
Black vinyl wrap
Port Configuration:
Front firing slot port
Dimensions (H x W x D):
21.2″ (540mm) x 12.7″ (325mm) x 14.3″ (365mm) Weight:
46 Lbs. (21 Kg.)

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